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St Andrews World Class Initiative - News Archive
Evolving project - initially research based - now predominantly tourism based
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Angry words as South Street plans rejected   more

Rosemary Dewar, The Citizen, 14 January 2005

Councillors have rejected controversial plans for a £1.35m re-development of South Street.

Councillors ditch £1m town centre scheme   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 12 January 2005

Plans for a deeply controversial £1 million environmental scheme in the historic centre of St Andrews were yesterday unceremoniously dumped by councillors.

World Class claims queried   more

The Citizen, 10 December 2004

Allegations in a Sunday newspaper that St Andrews was "in revolt" over proposals to make it a world class resort, have been queried by local residents.

St Andrews must not be exploited by outsiders   more

Colin McAllister, Letters to Editor, Scotland on Sunday, 5 December 2004

With 7,000 students and 700,000 visitors against a local population of 16,000, I think St Andrews is already doing its bit for the local and wider Scottish economy and society (‘St Andrews revolts over re-brand’, News, November 28).

Opposition to street plans   more

The Courier, 3 December 2004

Controversial plans which would result in the loss of around 50% of the parking provision in one of the principal streets in St Andrews have run into opposition.

St Andrews revolts over re-brand   more

Kurt Bayer, Scotland on Sunday, 28 November 2004

One of Scotland’s most famous and attractive towns is in open revolt over a money-spinning re-branding plan aimed at packing even more tourists into its already crowded streets.

100 firms object to South Street plans   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 17 November 2004

A body representing over 100 St Andrews businesses has lodged objections to plans that they say could lead to potentially damaging alterations to South Street.

Bridge building efforts over 'World Class' plan   more

The Citizen, 12 November 2004

There were signs at a meeting of St Andrews Community Council that the now-infamous St Andrews World Class label might be on the way out.

Second thoughts on street revamp   more

The Courier, 6 November 2004

A representative of the St Andrews World Class Project has conceded that the initiative should not have given its backing to controversial proposals to carry out major environmental improvements in one of the town’s principal thoroughfares.

Trust report aims to sort wood from the trees   more

The Citizen, 5 November 2004

Around 50 per cent of the lime trees in St Andrews' South Street are damaged to the extent that they should be felled.

High-quality staff crucial if St Andrews is to prosper   more

The Courier, 2 November 2004

St Andrews business people are concerned potential employees are put off from working in the town because of its image as a ‘golf only’ resort for older people.

“St Andrews world class already” says Brocklebank   more

Scottish Conservative Party Press Release, 30 September 2004

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Ted Brocklebank has added his voice to those questioning plans to promote St.Andrews as world class.

Move to establish tourism company   more

The Citizen, 10 September 2004

The drive to turn St Andrews into a 'world class' visitor destination has led to proposals to establish a new company which would take forward plans to raise the town's tourism profile.

Backlash over plan for street upgrade   more

The Citizen, 30 July 2004

Controversial plans to uproot trees and introduce parallel parking in a busy part of St Andrews town centre has provoked a backlash among local business figures and townspeople.

Congestion fears over South Street upgrade   more

The Citizen, 25 June 2004

Work to complete a £1.35m upgrade in South Street, St Andrews, will increase traffic congestion, according to the town's Merchants' Association.

Anger over town ‘brand’   more

Michael Alexander, The Courier, 21 June 2004

The recently established St Andrews World Class initiative involving private sector tourism professionals, Scottish Enterprise Fife, Fife Council and other bodies has come under fire from a resident for trying to market the historic town as a “brand.”

Rocky road for South Street proposals   more

The Citizen, 18 June 2004

People power appears to have won the day over plans to replace an electronic crossing in South Street, St Andrews, with a zebra crossing.

Forum on shaping future of South Street   more

The Citizen, 28 May 2004

St Andreans have been given the chance to help shape the future of South Street and make the town a 'world class' destination.

A world class vision for St Andrews   more

Catchline Communications Group, St Andrews World Class - News Release, 24 May 2004

An ambitious vision for the future of St Andrews has been published today (Monday 24 May) by a partnership group of local businesspeople and public agencies. The vision aims to move St Andrews from being just world famous to both world famous and world class, and to make the town a place which delivers much more for its residents, workforce and visitors.

Autum start for street upgrade   more

The Citizen, 14 May 2004

Work to complete a £1.35m upgrade of South Street, in St Andrews' town centre, could start in September.

'Action plan' for town   more

The Citizen, 12 March 2004

St Andrews is set to benefit from a forthcoming 'action plan.'

One-stop welcome vision for town   more

Gordon Berry, The Courier, 3 March 2004

The ground floor of the Gateway building at the western entrance to St Andrews might soon find a new use as a “first port of call” for the university and the town.

Major appointment to Enterprise Fife board   more

The Citizen, 22 August 2003

Links between St Andrews University and Scottish Enterprise (SE) Fife have received a major boost.

University strengthens its links with SE Fife   more

University of St Andrews Press Release, 22 August 2003

The University has further strengthened its links with Scottish Enterprise (SE) Fife with the appointment of Principal and Vice-Chancellor Dr Brian Lang to their board.

Scottish Enterprise Fife to spend £21.3 million in Fife   more

Scottish Enterprise Press Release, 15 July 2003

Scottish Enterprise Fife will aim to build on the success of last year by spending its budget of £21.3 million in the Kingdom during 2003 and 2004.

Task group aim to fill town's 'potential'   more

The Citizen, 13 December 2002

A group of businesspeople have joined forces "to help St Andrews fulfil its true potential."

St Andrews set to cash in on business drive   more

Andrew Murray-Watson, The Scotsman, 21 August 2002

The University of St Andrews announced its intention to spin out 30 companies over the next decade after securing a "significant, six-figure" partnership deal with Scottish Enterprise Fife yesterday.

Alliance to turn research into business   more

The Courier, 21 August 2002

St Andrews has signed a new partnership agreement with Scottish Enterprise Fife called St Andrews World Class which aims to reap the business benefits of research carried out by academics.

Business and research partnership launched   more

Scottish Executive, First Minister Press Release, 20 August 2002

An innovative partnership to help Scotland reap the business benefits of research carried out by academics at the University of St Andrews was launched today.

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