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St Andrews Bay Development (Kingask)
Issues raised during turbulent planning phase
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Scathing attack on moves by complex developer

The Courier, 30 January 1999

The row over an appeal by the developers of a £50 million leisure complex on the outskirts of St Andrews to have it considered by the centrally-based Fife Council Strategic Development Committee continued unabated yesterday.

In a scathing attack, Mrs Clare Wright, a member of Kingsbarns Community Council, accused St Andrews Bay Development Ltd of showing complete disregard for local people’s and councillors’ opinions.

Mrs Wright said yesterday, “They are treating us like a Third World country, offering us a few glass beads and then digging up the gold. I resent their attempts to steamroller through this application against the wishes of local people.”

She added, “The company is attempting to ride roughshod over our proper planning procedures and take the decision away from councillors who have given a lot of thought and time into considering it.”

Mrs Wright also criticised an option being considered by the developers to transport sewage from the hotel through residential areas in St Andrews if they get the go-ahead for the complex.

There is at present no public sewerage in the area and, until it is implemented, the foul effluent may have to be taken by tanker from the complex to the nearest suitable disposal point in Cupar. However, the installation of a temporary treatment station could provide an alternative solution.

Meanwhile, those behind the project, which was continued after consideration by the East Area Development Committee earlier this month, yesterday said they were in discussion with Fife Council.

And Des Montgomery, of project architects added, “We believe we shall have no difficulty in accommodating all the conditions imposed upon the development.”

Operations director of St Andrews Bay, lain MacKinnon, said, “The development will create over 300 permanent jobs and provide a substantial boost to the local economy. No other project can offer so much to North East Fife.”

He also revealed that they had been “overwhelmed” by messages of continued support from the business community and many residents in the town.

Members of the Strategic Development Committee will discuss the developers’ request to have the project considered by them on Monday of next week.

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