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Golf-Related Issues News
Archive of newspaper articles raising concerns about golf-related development
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Golf-related tourism was given the 'big push' by St Andrews resident Henry McLeish, when he was Minister for Tourism and Life Long Learning. McLeish continued to talk a lot about golf when he became First Minister. Jack McConnell seems to share the same enthusiasm for the game. On the back of some favourable policy, golf-related development has increased significantly in recent years. Concerns are being raised. We will try to keep tabs on the developing debate by collecting news concerning :-

  • general golf-related issues

  • specific golf-related development issues

    • effects on local infrastructure - traffic, housing, schools, services
    • effects on local communities - employment, house prices, displacement, way of life
    • effects on local economy - existing tourism, existing and future creative buisinesses
    • irreversible loss of agricultural land - to courses and to built elements
    • use of 'golf' as a means to build housing
    • development of exclusive golf resorts in green belts
    • exclusive nature of some resorts
    • questionable viability of some developments
    • effectiveness of guest management plans
    • enforceability of legal planning agreements
  • specific golf course issues

    • loss of access to land, the re-routing of rights of way
    • safety - stray golf shots - injuries, damage, liability, compensation
    • aggressive use of pesticides on modern 'manicured' courses
    • suitability of methods used to combat 'inevitable' erosion
    • haphazard approach to land drainage

Those concerned about 'golf-related development issues' (access, safety, spraying, traffic, drainage, pay-as-you-play etc), may wish to take a look at Golf Issues for coverage of issues raised so far.

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