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St Andrews Grand (Hamilton Hall), St Andrews - Wasserman Real Estate Capital LCC
St Andrews Grand - exclusive enclave of 23 luxury residences on the site of Hamilton Hall
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What is St Andrews Grand?

According to Grand vision, soon to be shared, Jim McCabe, Boston Globe, 6 May 2006:

"It is a majestic six-story, red-brick building at the corner of Scores Street and Golf Place that dominates the view as you tee off at the first hole or trudge up the 18th fairway at St. Andrews' Old Course. Back in the days of Edward VIII and Bobby Jones, it was the Grand Hotel, then for decades it was Hamilton Hall, a dormitory for stately St. Andrews University.
Now, it is St. Andrews Grand, a soon-to-be luxury golf residence for 115 members, as unique and exclusive an enclave as there is.
Meet your owner-operator, Mike DiCarlo of Hyde Park, Mass.
OK, so that's an oversimplification, because deals of this magnitude -- and to buy the building required 20 million pounds (or roughly $40 million) -- aren't completed single-handedly. Indeed, the purchase of the esteemed property that sits across the street from the world's most famous golf course was a team effort, which hits upon the aspect of the story that fascinates.
The idea and the team was put in motion by DiCarlo, and it called for icons from local business worlds -- Patrick Lyons, whose Midas touch in Boston entertainment circles is legendary, and David Wasserman, whose respected real estate company in Providence has done renowned restoration work throughout the country. ...
"This had the potential to be a lot of things," said DiCarlo. "A hotel, a basic time-share, any number of things. We decided on a member-residence club. We felt that the best way to preserve this building was to put people in it who could afford to preserve it. It's 111 years old. We're resetting the clock on this building. But we're keeping the heritage of the building, by getting like-minded people in it, people who love the spirituality of the game."
His trips to Scotland are too many to number, as many as five to 10 for each of the last 30 years, and DiCarlo, 50, has just returned from another. He walked through the St. Andrews Grand, on which a 22-month restoration project is due to begin in July, and came away more convinced than ever that the deal is a dream come true.
"It is," said DiCarlo, "a masterpiece in mothballs." ...
DiCarlo and Lyons are clear about one thing. They saw the potential in the building and while they know finances and how to market, the project right now is in the hands of Wasserman Real Estate Capital, LLC.
"David's the developer. He's driving the bus," said Lyons. ...
It goes without saying that the price tag is extravagant, with 10-week increments of ownership starting at $1.3 million and annual dues running roughly at $14,000, but no one involved in the project is the least bit worried about securing 115 members. There will be three- and four-bedroom residences, and amenities inside the St. Andrews Grand will include a spa, a health center, concierge services, a pub, and private dining rooms. Playing privileges on the Old Course are not included, but preferred times on St. Andrews's six other courses, as well as acclaimed layouts at Kingsbarns, Crail, and Elie, are."

In August 2005 Wasserman Real Estate Capital secured a co-controlling interest in Kingsbarns Golf Links.

Mike DiCarlo owns St Andrews guesthouse Monarchs House.

The following St Andrews Grand News Archive contains a broad selection of articles to date.

St Andrews Grand - exclusive enclave of 23 luxury residences on the site of Hamilton Hall
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Plea for Hamilton Hall's owner to get in touch   more

Rosemary Dewar, The Citizen, 23 October 2008

Fife Council wants the owner of a landmark building behind the Old Course to get in touch.

Hamilton Hall: call for action   more

The Courier, 10 October 2008

The decline in the condition of Hamilton Hall, one of the iconic buildings of St Andrews, and known worldwide as the backdrop to countless thrilling golf championships, has been branded as "scandalous."

US plan for luxury apartments at the home of golf is bunkered   more

Jeremy Watson, Scotland on Sunday, 5 October 2008

It was meant to be a palatial viewing point over the most famous golf course in the world.

Condition of Hamilton Hall   more

Extract, John Hopkins, The Spike Bar, The Times, 2 October 2008

... In 2006 Hamilton Hall was sold by St Andrews University for an alleged £20m to Wasserman Real Estate Capital LLC, a Rhode Island preperty development firm. Wasserman's plans were to transform the hall into 23 luxury residences known as St Andrews Grand that would be open in time for the 2010 Open to be held here. Phil Mickelson is alleged to have paid a seven figure sum for a share in the project.

Building Tension   more

A stalled real-estate project has locals in St. Andrews concerned about an Old Course landmark

Mike Cullity ,Golfworld, October 2008

For more than a century, Hamilton Hall has stood guard over the 18th green of the Old Course at St. Andrews. One of the game's most photographed landmarks, the imposing structure next to the R&A clubhouse has provided backdrop for 19 British Open finishes, not to mention the Academy Award-winning film "Chariots of Fire."

Crunch threatens St Andrews vista after fears of disrepair in one of two buildings   more

The Daily Mail, 19 July 2008

There is major concern within the R&A about the future of the most famous vista in golf - the two buildings, one of which is in danger of falling into disrepair, behind the 18th hole at St Andrews.

Building's shocking condition slated   more

The Courier, 18 July 2008

Criticism keeps mounting in St Andrews over the failure of the US owners of one of the town's best-known buildings to stop its apparent deterioration.

Fury at state of iconic building   more

The Courier, 4 July 2008

Anger is mounting in St Andrews over the “shocking” condition of one of the most famous buildings in the town - the former Hamilton Hall student residence, located behind the 18th green of the Old Course, which featured in the film, Chariots of Fire.

R&A dismiss rumours of hall purchase   more

The Citizen, 9 May 2008

Rumours that the R&A had purchased the derelict former university residence, Hamilton Hall, behind the 18th green of the Old Course, were dismissed this week.

The Year in Review   more

Mike DiCarlo, The Grand View, 19 December 2007 - extract

.... As we began 2007, we were hopeful that our Scotland project would finally take hold and flourish. As the year ends, we are still hopeful that our Scotland project will finally take hold and flourish. In the end, it is such an amazing and unique project that even an idiot could make it a success. We are fairly confident that there are no idiots involved. ....

It's business as usual at Kingsbarns Links   more

Rosemary Dewar, The Citizen, 29 November 2007

There has been no change of ownership at Kingsbarns Golf Links.

Not so 'grand' state of St Andrews' Hamilton Hall   more

Rosemary Dewar, The Citizen, 4 October 2007

Concerns have been growing over the future of the former university residence, Hamilton Hall, behind the 18th hole on the Old Course.

'Mystery and silence' over Hamilton Hall   more

Rosemary Dewar, The Citizen, 17 May 2007

As St Andrews prepares for the best in women's golf to descend on the Old Course this summer, one of the game's most prominent landmarks - the former Hamilton Hall, behind the 18th green - presents an empty and blank face to the world.

'Grand' plans are well on the way   more

Rosemary Dewar, The Citizen, 6 October 2006 - extract

Reports that the American multi-million pound redevelopment of a famous golfing landmark, overlooking the Old Course in St Andrews, had gone belly up have been strenuously denied.

Work begins to make grand vision reality   more

The Courier, 9 September 2006

Work is to begin on transforming one of the most well-known buildings in St Andrews into an exclusive golf and sporting club.

Grand vision, soon to be shared - Love affair leads to Scottish landmark   more

Jim McCabe, Boston Globe, 6 May 2006

True to his Boston roots, Mike DiCarlo was tuned in to the Bruins' game that memorable Mother's Day in 1970.

'Grand' plan links iconic landmark with Kingsbarns   more

Rosemary Dewar, St Andrews Citizen, 4 November 2005

Developers of the former Hamilton Hall, overlooking the 18th green of the Old Course, now own a part-share in Kingsbarns Golf Course.

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