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Finalised St Andrews & East Fife Local Plan
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Public plan consultation

Deborah Moffatt, Letter to Editor, The Citizen, 27 February 2009

In the Citizen (February 13) you had an article regarding the Local Plan, which refers to a public consultation which is taking place that terminates on March 6.

It is not made clear that the public consultation to which the article refers is a consultation period specific to the 'First Stage Environmental Report for the St Andrews & East Fife Finalised Local Plan', and to modifications made to that report.

I would like to point out that, while Fife Council is stating (on its website) it is currently "accepting comments on the local plan", the official, statutory fully-accountable consultation period for the forthcoming St Andrews & East Fife Finalised Draft Local Plan will take place later in the year, after that plan is approved by committee and published.

The Fife Council website gives two different projected dates for that consultation period - one suggesting it will begin in June, another suggesting it will begin in October.

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