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Kingsbarns Golf Links

Until quite recently Kingsbarns was a conservation village in NE Fife. Now, according to press releases from developers and the R &A, Kingsbarns is a golf course.

For those expecting this to be a golf site, here are some links to Kingsbarns Golf Links

For residents of Kingsbarns, here are details of the businessmen who have snapped up the village name for their web sites. Note that four of these sites are at present inactive. The owners are effectively cyber squatting. Could we not, perhaps, be making better use of these names ourselves?

Note also that Art Dunkley has been able to quickly obtain the new domain because he happens to hold the name kingsbarns as a trademark, both here and in the States!
Tell him what you think of that sneaky move at   Status: Active

Kyle Phillips Golf Course Design
5516 Riviera
Granite Bay, CA 95746 US

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing Contact:
Dunkley, Art (ADC179) kingsbarns@AOL.COM
Kingsbarns Golf Links
239 Main Street
Suite E
Pleasanton, CA 94566   Status: Idle

Registrant Name:
Not Provided

Registrant Organisation:
Kingsbarns Golf Links LLC, 94566, US

Registrant Email:  and   Status: Idle

Mike Carran (MM25864) hgolf@SLIP.NET
2082 Business Center Drive
Suite 255
Irvine, CA 92612 US

Administrative Contact:
Sebastian, Sheri (SS29529) sheri@OCO.NET
1201 Walnut Avenue #50
Tustin, CA 92780   Status: Idle (but alive and tracking)

Golfagent Ltd (Baron Corporation Plc) 22 December 1998 - renewed 21 December 2000

Golfagent Ltd created and registered the golf booking database (a service which was initiated by the Links Trust) in October 1996. Baron Corporation Plc registered sister sites and in August 1999.

Kingsbarns Golf Links also hold the following domain names:   Status: Obvious first choice - but idle   Status: Single page linking to   Status: Idle - does the real Kingsbarns Golf Club know about this?