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Consultation on the St Andrews and East Fife Local Plan 2005
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VILLAGE SURVEY 2005 - organised by KCC 'Future of Kingsbarns' sub-group

Responses to Section 3, which asked for:

Your proposals for the future of the village and suggestions about facilities you would like to see

Presentation of responses

The 226 comments were analysed and 11 themes were identified and were as follows:

  1. Impact of development and scale
  2. Housing type
  3. Village character / conservation
  4. Prospective development sites
  5. Young people / sport / play / leisure
  6. Public / visitor amenities
  7. Village amenities / hall / community centre
  8. Economic activity
  9. Fuel / energy / recycling
  10. Village governance
  11. Ecology / nature / Scotland in bloom

Members and advisors of the sub-group wrote a summary of the comments under each theme. A copy of the summaries and the 226 comments is available on circulation from the Post Office.

1. Impact of development and scale   raw data here


Apart from a few comments that the village is fine as it is and no development is necessary, most of the comments express concern about the impact of a larger development of 110 houses. Concern about changing the character of the village was the principal concern, particularly architecturally and in relation to its setting.

Concern was also expressed about traffic and crime.

Many of the answers, although concerned about the scale of development, seem to accept that some development is necessary for the present level of services to survive.

2. Housing type   raw data here


Positive (22) and negative (16) comments.

Negative: many were against the further increase in holiday homes. 61% of houses in Kingsbarns are owner occupied and given the preferences for this type it will increase in any development with no constraint on selling at significant profit.

Positive: the problem of definition of "affordable housing" persists, as does ambiguity between "affordable housing" for sale and for rent. There is no clear guidance from the Local Authority and it is not clear how developers or Housing Associations would approach this issue. There was a small positive response to Sheltered Housing but this is offset by the tables which show negative reasons to that of housing. The need for housing to be for young families was noted.

These comments have to be seen in the light of the rejection by the community of proposals for any major development, and that when pressed residents would not favour anything more than a small development. These comments should also be seen in the context of replies to Section 2 Question 1 shown as table 4 in the results of the survey which showed 'owner occupied, affordable houses for sale and sheltered housing' having some support but with other types of housing having no positive support.

3. Village character / conservation   raw data here


Comments on the character of the village and the need for its conservation made up 14% of the comments. These varied from a veto on any change to some development within the conservation boundaries. This development should be spread throughout the village with trees marking the boundary. The view from the west should be kept, as it was part of the village's beauty and the Station Road access was unsuitable; the views north and south were also beautiful. Any development should not be a housing scheme, nor too large, in keeping with the rest of the village, energy and land efficient, varied in design and purpose and introduced to the village gradually. There was a suggestion that the barn by the school be demolished and perhaps the space left used for housing but a play area was needed and the square could be made more of a social focus with seats, a fountain and flower beds. Closure of the golf course was suggested. Ceres and Elie were put forward as examples of viable social units of 1000 population and Poundbury was quoted as an example of how the ten principles of design could be used.

4. Prospective development sites   raw data here


25 comments were received on this subject. Few supported development west of the village. Developments to the east were preferred because of the present residential pattern; because of the possible links to the golf course but road access was recognised as easier on the Dunino side. Any development in H48/9 to the west should be small scale and ensure the preservation of open space, a 'common', and eco park and playspace. 7 other sites were referred to for development adjacent to the village, and 5 sites outwith the village (see map). Infill sites within the village were noted. 'Brownfield' sites should be used. The style should be as NQ steadings. The land allocation should be sufficient to ensure a density of occupancy similar to the existing village and ensure sufficient 'persons to homes' and have few holiday homes.

5. Young people / sport / play / leisure   raw data here


Most comments referring to the young were about the lack of things to do which leads to bad behaviour , and most suggest some sort of sports facility. The most popular of these is a football pitch, and also bowls, putting, tennis, skatepark, and cycle paths with some reference to multipurpose use for the whole community including the school. Suggestions for a site for sports facilities were, near the school, the field opposite the church and in a joint community effort approach Kingsbarns Golf Club to see if it possible to drain and establish a site at the end of their driving range.

There was mention of youth clubs and that the Memorial Hall be made more available to the young.

There was a suggestion to establish a visitor type centre near Kingsbarns beach car park as a focal point for the Fife Coastal Path.

(I do suspect that the young did not make most suggestions referring to the young.)

6. Public / visitor amenities   raw data here


VILLAGE (10 responses)

Roads and pavements require attention. The surface of Seagate "is a disgrace". There should be "proper pavements throughout the village”, and no “posts in the middle of pavement or within inches of present lights”. (3)
A public toilet should be provided. It should built in place of the “dilapidated” shed near school and be “inspected” so as to prevent vandalism. (3)
Road safety improvements are required, such as traffic lights/zebra crossing at school and 20 mph on the entire length of Main St. (2)
The bus shelters and phone box have been vandalised, and poorly maintained. Bus shelter visibility to Crail could be improved. (1)
A play-park shelter should be provided. (1)

BEACH (7 responses)

Upgraded, modem toilet facilities are required.
The existing vandalised toilets should be repaired or replaced. The facilities should be properly maintained and supervised. (4)
Better pedestrian and cycle access to the beach is required, with no vehicle access via Seagate. (2)
There should be a beach car park phone, in case of emergency. (1)

TOURISM (2 responses)

Too much emphasis on golf. Should be providing more facilities for other tourists. (1)
Promote our unspoilt village and develop village as a "stopping off point” on the Coastal Path. (1)

PLANNING (1 response)

Some imagination required - not planning dogma. Spate of 20 mph signs is a case in point.

7. Village amenities / hall / community centre   raw data here


Most comments in this area centre on extending the use of the village hall or on having a community centre, the aim being to provide accommodation for community activities such as 'mothers and toddlers' groups, social events, learning opportunities, village displays and youth groups. A small cafe is suggested as an additional amenity.

8. Economic activity   raw data here


The overwhelming interest in this area is in providing employment opportunities in workshop sites or generally. Housing for working families rather than holiday homes is also highlighted

9. Fuel / energy / recycling   raw data here


FUEL (9 responses)

There appears to be a significant demand for mains gas. One resident is prepared to contribute financially. Another asks for gas at an affordable price.” There are hopes that further development “would lead to the installation” of mains gas - either through increased public demand or as a condition of any proposed development.

ENERGY (1 response)

“We should look to alternative energy sources for a measure of self sufficiency in energy needs.”

RECYCLING (1 response - from outwith the village)

There should be recycling bins for everything, cardboard, glass, plastic, paper etc

10. Village governance   raw data here


There were quite a few suggestions referring to the village/community council getting involved in the development of the village, such as setting up a housing association or village trust or joint venture such as Poundbury.

It was suggested that a neighbourhood watch scheme be set up.

Suggestion that there are not enough households to support and run local services and events.

Suggestion to draw up a local consensus.

11. Ecology / nature / Scotland in bloom   raw data here


Entry into Scotland in Bloom would improve the look of the village as it had at Alness for example and it was suggested that seaweed no longer be cleared from the beach as such practice was environmentally unsound.

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