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Housing Issue - Affordable Housing
Proposed Affordable Housing Policy
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Out for public consultation 7 March - 2 May 2005

" The need for affordable housing is one of the main issues that has to be addressed over the next 20 years. Fife Matters identifies where affordable housing is needed but because affordable housing is a complex and dynamic issue, more detailed and complementary guidance is needed to identify how this can be delivered. This is the Affordable Housing Supplementary Guidance."

Presented to Fife Council Environment and Development Committee, 20 January 2005.

The purpose of the report is to seek members’ approval for Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance on affordable housing, as a basis for public consultation.

Presented to Fife Council Environment and Development Committee, 20 January 2005.

Detailed guidance on the delivery of affordable housing in Fife. This guidance should be read in conjunction with “Fife Matters”, the consultative draft Structure Plan for Fife and Fife’s Local Housing Strategy (LHS). In particular the LHS forms a sound strategic basis for meeting housing challenges in the future whilst Fife Matters represents a bold and ambitious strategic land use planning framework for the next 20 years.

Presented to Fife Council Environment and Development Committee, 6 September 2004.

The purpose of the report is to advise members of the implication of the Local Housing Strategy for land use planning including Structure Plan and Local Plan policies and seek approval for the Council’s overall approach to addressing the need for Affordable Housing.

Presented to Fife Council East Area Services Committee, 25 August 2004.

The purpose of this report is to highlight the issues raised by communities and also by East Fife elected members at a seminar in June 2004 and to inform Fife Council’s developing Affordable Housing Policy.

This document is the Fife Structure Plan Consultative Draft in pdf form.

Includes proposed housing policy for Fife - including affordable housing policy in rural East Fife.

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