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Kingsbarns Broadband - 01334 numbers - Boarhills Exchange
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  • fast ADSL service available September 2004
  • basic ADSL service available 16 June 2004
  • 'ready for service' on 16 June 2004
  • 'ready for service' date announced 18 February 2004
  • 'trigger point' reached 28 January 2004
  • 'broadband petition' started in village - via shop
  • 'trigger point' (number of BT customers required for viable service) set at 100
  • 'kingsbarnsbroadband' campaign started - online

Useful broadband information can be found at: - good source for general broadband info
   the broadband resource - latest registration info - 'ready for service' announcements - news

What is Broadband?

A modern 'broadband' communications link can provide fast, 'always on' access to an increasing range of online services - internet, worldwide radio and TV, interactive games, music and software downloads.

It has even been claimed that "having a broadband connection can definitely increase the potential of your home in the eyes of buyers. Buyers should check out whether the area has broadband access. Even if they don’t want it now, it may become invaluable in later years and could be a factor in selling the property." - Simon Fairclough, head of marketing for Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre (ESPC)

Most broadband packages come at a fixed price, starting at about £15 a month, regardless of the time spent online. With broadband it is possible to use the phone and an online service at the same time.

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