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Future of Kingsbarns - Cambo Estate proposals - 40 houses West of Kingsbarns
Cambo Estate Development Brief - Land West of Kingsbarns - March 2010
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This is a direct copy of the development brief text, as presented to Fife Council by Cambo Estate in support of:

as per planning applications:

The original can be found here

Cambo Estate Development Brief



1.1 This Development Brief has been prepared for the 2.6 hectares site west of Kingsbarns, identified as being suitable for housing and open space within the Finalised St Andrews arid East Fife Local Plan 2009. The Development Brief is intended to provide guidance, which will ensure a high quality and sustainable development is achieved and which will be sympathetic to the special character of Kingsbarns.

1.2 This Development Brief has been prepared following discussions with Planning, Housing and Transportation Officers of Fife Council, a community meeting held at Kingsbarns on 10 December 2008 and the return of questionnaires by those who attended the community meeting, as well as a meeting with Kingsbarns Community Council held on 26 January 2009.

1.3 The development of the overall site is anticipated to provide for a mix of tenures including 10 no. affordable dwelling houses financed by the Scottish Government's Rural Homes for Rent pilot scheme, 2 no. affordable dwelling houses for rent funded by the applicant, with the remaining housing being sold on the open market.

1.4 Two planning applications have been submitted. The first application seeks detailed planning permission for the erection of 22 no. dwelling houses to the south of Station Road and the formation of a village green. 12 no. of the dwelling houses will be rural homes for rent (10 no. of which are grant funded) with the remaining dwelling houses being sold on the open market. A Design Statement has also been produced for this application and forms part of this submission. The second application seeks planning permission in principle for residential development to the north of Station Road.


2.1 The Development Plan comprises of the Fife Structure Plan 2008-2028 and the adopted Large and East Neuk Local Plan (1995). The site is located directly adjacent to the settlement boundary of Kingsbarns in a countryside location.

2.2 The Structure Plan requires the provision of 30% affordable housing for the St Andrews and North East Fife Housing Market Area.

2.3 The Finalised St Andrews and East Fife Local Plan (2009) identifies a 2.6 hectares site to the west of the square and adjacent to the existing settlement boundary of Kingsbarns which is capable of accommodating 40 no. dwelling houses. A requirement of the finalised Local Plan is that a Development Brief is produced in conjunction with the community, and approved by Fife Council and which will include formal open space (e.g. a village green).



3.1 The overall site lies on the western edge of Kingsbarns which itself is some 5km south east of St Andrews on the A917.

Site Characteristics

3.2 The site straddles Station Road and comprises agricultural land which is open in nature and is currently used for grazing. A dilapidated agricultural shed is located within the south east corner of the site, and is to be removed as part of the proposal.

3.3 The site is bounded to the east by the settlement of Kingsbarns. Immediately to the south east of the site is Kingsbarns Primary School. Across the road is the village post office and shop as well as a church and the square.

3.4 Kingsbarns is a Conservation Area and there are a number of listed buildings bounding the site and which are primarily within the historic core of the village.

3.5 The site slopes gradually upwards from east to west, is open in nature and there is little in the way of natural screening. The site has no defensible western boundary.



4.1 Development will have particular consideration for the sensitivities of the site which lies adjacent to the Kingsbarns Conservation Area. Particular attention will be paid to views into and out of the Conservation Area.

4.2 The height, massing and detail of building designs will respect the character of the locality and will not exceed two storeys. It is envisaged that the built development will be a mixture of single, one and a half and two storeys.

4.3 The main element of open space will be positioned south of Station Road and west of Main Street. This will create not only a village green, but also a resource for the primary school, a play area for children, and a local open space feature next to the Conservation Area and existing village square.

Housing Layout and Design

4.4 In addition to respecting the character of Kingsbarns, the site will be developed in a manner which pays due regard to the open nature of the countryside area to the west and the amenity of existing residents to the south east and north east.

4.5 Building design will reflect local distinctiveness and incorporate local design features evident in important buildings in Kingsbarns. Features in Kingsbarns which will be emulated in the development include pantile and natural slate roofs, dormer windows and plain white or pale colour render walls.

4.6 In addition to the village green within the western part of the site, a series of amenity open space areas will be created throughout the site connected by footpaths and residential roads. An area will be reserved for a sustainable urban drainage system.

4.7 The development will be designed so that important views into and out of Kingsbarns will be maintained as far as possible.


4.8 High quality building materials and building forms shall be used throughout the site which will achieve a visually interesting residential development that is traditional to Kingsbarns and this part of north east File. Key areas will focus on those dwellings fronting onto the village green and Station Road.

4.9 Roof finishes will incorporate pantiles and natural slate. Wall finishes will incorporate plain white or pale colour render. Windows and doors will be constructed of timber, with ancillary buildings such as car ports and garages matching the same high quality finishes as the dwelling houses.

4.10 Surface materials such as roads, footpaths as well as boundary walls, shall be of high quality, and in appropriate locations block paving shall be used as an alternative to tarmac, Where boundaries are prominent in the Street scene, walls and native hedging rather than fencing shall be used. Close board fencing wilt only be used at the rear of the car ports on the south side of Station Road with post and wire fencing used to sub-divide rear gardens during the establishments of the hedges. On the north side of Station Road, fencing will only be used to sub-divide rear gardens and in locations where it will be inconspicuous.

Housing Density

4.11 The finalised Local Plan states that the 2.6 hectares site can accommodate an estimated 40 no. dwelling houses as well as a significant area of open space such as a village green, as well as the possibility of allotments. It is estimated that the village green and associated landscaping will measure around 0.54 hectares. This leaves a gross developable area for housing of 2.06 hectares, giving a gross housing density of 20 no. dwelling houses per hectare.

Housing Mix

4.12 It is an aim of this Development Brief to help meet the housing needs of residents of Kingsbarns. There shall be a mix of dwelling types and sizes that will reflect the diversity of the population and will add interest to the development as a whole. A mix of terraced, semi-detached and detached dwellings is envisaged, with these being a mix of single storey, one and a half storeys and two storeys. The outcome will be a housing development where type of tenure or occupation is indistinguishable within the site.

Affordable Housing

4.13 The finalised Local Plan requires that 30% of air housing shall be affordable within the St Andrews and North East Fife Housing Market Area.

4.14 It is envisaged that 12 no. dwelling houses will be social rented housing, with grant assistance from the Scottish Government's Rural Homes for Rent pilot scheme for 10 no. of these dwelling houses. These dwelling houses will accommodate prospective tenants from Fife Council's housing waiting list, with a vetting procedure administered by Cambo Estates.

4.15 The remaining 28 no. dwelling houses (10 no. to the south side of Station Road and 18 no. to the north side of Station Road) will be sold on the open market for family accommodation.

Highways, Access and Parking

4.16 Planning permission for the site will be subject to the implementation of satisfactory access arrangements, junction improvements, local traffic and pedestrian improvements and appropriate car parking.

4.17 Discussions with Fife Council's Transportation Services has identified a need to realign the junction of Station Road and Main Street further to the south in order to achieve sufficient vehicular visibility splays. Other road safety improvements could include traffic calming along Main Street a maximum speed limit of 20mph along Main Street and a pedestrian crossing on Main Street and Station Road.

4.19 Access roads internal to the site will be to adoptable standards and will incorporate features such as traffic calming, shared surfaces and pedestrian priority surfaces.

4.20 It is important that the development is not dominated by roads and car parking areas. Access roads and car parking provision shall not be visually intrusive and shall be designed around the location and orientation of buildings.

4.21 Car parking provision will be in accordance with Fife Council's Transportation Development Guidelines and each house shall be limited to a maximum of two or three parking spaces, depending on the number of bedroom within each house, with the development also accommodating an agreed number of visitor car parking spaces.


4.22 The provision of a comprehensive hard and soft landscape design scheme will be an integral part of the overall development. The landscape design scheme shall provide an attractive setting for the built development and the village green and will soften the impact of the development on the surrounding area.

4.23 New native tree and shrub planting will define the open boundaries of the site, particularly to the west, north west and south west.

4.24 A series of amenity open spaces will be created within the built development. A multi-functional village green will also be created and landscaped as appropriate.

4.25 Dwelling curtilages will be defined by native hedgerows wherever appropriate and in particular those dwelling curtilages to the south of Station Road and next to the village green.


4.26 Sufficient infrastructure is either in place or will be constructed to support the development.

4.27 Surface water drainage will be dealt with by way of a sustainable urban drainage system. Foul drainage will link in with existing adopted drainage infrastructure.

4.28 Gas, electricity and water supplies are accessible and available to the site.


4.29 Regular bus services run between St Andrews and Kingsbarns. Services are more frequent during the week, but they are also available on Saturdays and Sundays. Services are convenient for those wishing to travel to work by public transport, for children attending school in St Andrews and for those wishing to travel to St Andrews on other business.

Energy Conservation

4.30 The development will maximise cost efficient and practically implemented opportunities for energy efficiency in building design and layout. Renewable energy technologies will be considered and integrated into the development where appropriate.


4.31 All public and private lighting design shall ensure that there is no unnecessary light spillage or undue impact on any neighbouring properties.

Crime Prevention

4.30 Crime prevention is a material planning consideration and therefore the layout and design of the development will have due regard to this issue. Crime prevention will be addressed by including concepts of defensible space, security lighting and access control. The creation of safe and open footpaths, open spaces and parking areas which enjoy natural surveillance will be a key design element of the proposal.

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